Okay, I am relaxed by this hairy dude playing his dragon sitar, and I'm glad to see the ladies get a break too, but I'm sort of worried something bad is gonna happen.

Zack: You realize you're not watching a movie, right?

Steve: Yeah but there was like a flip book of skulls decaying on a bunch of pages.

Zack: That's right. There's a header on every page of one of the books that is a candle and a pair of severed heads and page after page the candle gets smaller and the heads decay.

Steve: It's awesome but like an awesome power. Like at any moment you could be confronted with a grisly turn of events in the artwork.

Zack: What do you think is going to happen here?

Steve: I'm afraid he's going to take off his purple tights.

Zack: And underneath it's cobras. Cobras all the way down.

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