Zack: This one!

Steve: You don't even know what he does.

Zack: It says he ponders magic or whatever and decides to shoot spells.

Steve: That's not what he's about.

Zack: Who cares? Look at that dude, Steve. Look at him.

Steve: I'm looking!

Zack: Steve, that is the smuggest fucking magician dude ever.

Steve: He does look like he knows what he's doing.

Zack: He's totally in charge. Look, he's even throwing the horns and blasting some mind beam shit out at somebody.

Steve: He's not psychic.

Zack: Mind spell then or whatever. He's just concentrating on his own badassness and frying some dudes in a car shaped like a skull.

Steve: That does sound plausible.

Zack: So, yeah, Mystic.

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