Papa Bear

Tough bear!

Become this tough paper bear! Professional Alinco mascot costume.

  • Available as Pictured

Dr. Thorpenstein: What the fuck?

Zackula: I don't...

Zackula: I don't know...

Dr. Thorpenstein: I think the most disturbing thing about this is the description: "Available as Pictured."

Zackula: Does that mean they'll arrive at your house like this?

Dr. Thorpenstein: Horrorbear, flanked by his legless adult baby sex thugs.

Zackula: We joked around about the Trojan guy but this is no joke.

Zackula: This shit has got to stop.

Zackula: Mankind has gone too far.

Zackula: I always thought it would be bio-engineering or nanotechnology. Nuclear holocaust maybe. I never thought it would be Halloween costumes.

Zackula: God help us! Force these things into a big tank of liquid bleach and forget any of this ever happened.

Dr. Thorpenstein: I don't know if bleach kills Cenobites.

Zackula: Jesus wept.

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