(Manufacturer's Award) Sweetest Evil Plants or Crap Like Plants

Dire Mushrooms from Wyrd Miniatures

Totally boss stuff here. Each mushroom has a different evil face and it's all on this sweet multi-level base. You could totally imagine some evil nymph with her butt all hanging out prancing around through the mushrooms. Also pretty sweet base for demons and stuff, like they're so evil they make the mushrooms around them evil. Congratulations, Wyrd Miniatures. You rocked this one hard.

(Manufacturer's Award) Best Bats

Bat Swarm from Masquerade Miniatures

Always a tight competition in my mind. Had a lot of good bats this year. Reaper's Bat Queen almost took it with the hot babe factor and Blood Bats also had a good showing. Ultimately, Masquerade wins it here on the realism and badassness factor. I could totally imagine these bad boys busting out of a crypt or a big treasure chest in some misbegotten catacombs. Swarm miniatures don't get enough cred in my book, people say "oh, it's easy just to mold one bat and then make 50 more." Sure, but you try to place 50 bats in a lifelike way. It's all about the positioning. Glad this one goes to a swarm.

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