An assortment of beautiful armors and useful weapons from the fertile minds of some of Oblivion's finest mod makers.

Here's a visual riddle for you to decipher: what does this mod do? Once you have that figured out, try answering: why? If you can answer that second one let me know.

Dark Brotherhood under-boob armor: 1,000 gold. The floating magenta camel toe costs extra.

No, Outlander, you'll be de-rezzed!

Nickelodeon's Gack armor. Just don't say "water" or you'll have to buy a new set.

Behold the power of the artifact blade FractureChex.

Ah, plunger for a giant syringe, staple of all great fantasy games.

Armor by Jerry, age 8. Textures by Gouraud.

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