As you may be aware, in the past Something Awful has featured a couple of Make Porn Work-Safe articles, which spawned from various threads on our forums. These basically consist of taking filthy pornographic pictures and using Photoshop to magically transform them into something more wholesome!

Anyhow, the people at Diesel recently mailed me to tell us that they really thought these threads were funny, and it inspired them to make a Diesel SFW XXX video. And here it is:

(Link if the embed doesn't work Diesel SFW XXX)

Best of all, Diesel wants to thank the people who inspired the whole Make Porn Work-Safe idea directly: if you contributed any image to a Make Porn Work-Safe article or Make Porn Work-Safe forum thread, you will get a free forum upgrade of your choice, courtesy of Diesel!

For details on how to claim your upgrade, check this forum thread. And thanks again to Diesel for being cool about all this!

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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