Batman's Secret Shame - Comic books are about men running around in spandex. So is my autobiography. Muscles Like This likes forums like this.

Willie The KOOL Penguin, and his comics for children - Did you know that KOOL cigarettes used to have a penguin as their mascot? Neither did I until this thread. It turns out in 1951-1952 they produced a comic book starring Willie, you know... for kids!

I got banned from my local comic shop - A simple story turns into a massive clusterfuck for BSS as names are called on both sides. Nerd fighting, its so cute.

This thread is all about bathaw - What happens when you combine the most awesome emoticon on the face of the planet and the world's greatest detective? Nananananananana BATHAW!

Is the Joker gay? - Short answer... no. Long answer? Read the thread. A frank and open discussion on one of the most mercurial characters in comicdom.

SA-Mart. For the best deals on, er, things, some smart. Shop SA-Mart. Shop with bEatmstrJ. Maybe he will buy you some vowels and capital letters.

10% off videogame accessories - Jandamans selection of videogame accessories can't be beat... by American companies.

Glass Pipes with a 25% off goon discount - Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Well, after you get one anyway.

Custom Die-Cut Stickers! - No one was harmed in the cutting of these custom stickers for all your sticking needs.

Video game sprite acrylic keychains
- Fanboy? Pedophile? Now you can take Link with you wherever you go.

Bavolis' House of Demented Avatars - Your avatar sucks! Get a new one!

12 months of Games for free! - Just what you need. 12 more months of vitamin D deficiency.

Creative Convention? An entire convention composed of creative cretins? Same thinks so!

Post your comics - An amazing 29 page page thread filled with well known comic artists, their comics and many talented(?) wannabes.

Stencil Thread (Now with 100000% New Name) - Should we really encourage more people to get into the T-Shirt Business? Beware of major inspiration if you enter this thread dedicated to great stencils and t-shirt designs.

Fun with gels! - An interesting looking at the use of gel lighting in your photography. The models in the photos even come with 100% certified stock photography fake emotions.

Women killing men [NWS Artwork] - Before being banned, user and artist Ymk bestowed upon us this thread detailing his artwork based on his obsession of "Women Stabbing Men". Buy Ymk's prints now before this future serial killer becomes famous or stars in a movie titled Art School Confidential.

I am a bad person I am going to hurt you - Short story writings based on all the horrible things goon sethralovode has done in his worthless life.

The Book Barn is neither a book nor a barn, but Captain Asthma doesn't know it yet. Shhh, it will be our little secret.

So I Want To Read Lovecraft... - If you've always wanted to be creeped out by slimy creatures and disgusting abominations but never knew where to start reading, don't fret, because the fine creepy patrons of The Book Barn will be glad to assist you.

James Joyce's Ulysses - Ulysses is a book so complex and deep that it requires an intriguing thread on the great Something Awful forums to be fully understood. Come check out the thread dubbed by SA's own maxnmona as "the most well thought out thread TBB has had."

Matthew Reilly Appreciation (Ice) Station - If you've ever wanted to find out about books that involve whales getting shot in the face and human heads exploding like watermelons, this thread is for you.

Harry Potter Discussion - You know you've read the books, so why not stop by and read some ridiculous conspiracy theories that are sure to entertain you for a few hours.

Flame a book you love, Praise one you hate - As the title suggests, goons like to engage in self-deprecation of their own interests. And yes, someone actually praises The Da Vinci Code.

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