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Evo Morales in NYT Editorial: "Let me chew my coca leaves!"

Texas town's police use asset-forfeiture law to extort money from innocents

Breakthrough leads to batteries charging in seconds.

Obama sends clear message: sound science, not masqueraded moralism

Serious Hardware / Software Crap

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex now released

Tales of "Oops! Oh Shit!", your worst moments in IT

Netbook / Sub-Notebook Megathread: I can buy a black NC10? Really?

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    Advanced Level Sexy Catcalls

    Hows about you, me, and five uncomfortable minutes in my basement apartment next to the dusty Christmas tree that's still up from my last visit with my estranged children.

  • Zagat's Guide to Poor Person Eating

    Zagat's Guide to Poor Person Eating

    The Upper Kitchen Cabinet Where Your Roommate Keeps His Food: You’ll 'need the footstool' to reach your roommate’s 'fine selection' of 'stale cereal,' but he'll never notice if 'only a little is missing from each box.' Feel less guilty by reminding yourself that Jeff 'acts weird around your girlfriend,' and always 'asks about her.' What a 'creep.'

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