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Are you a pet fan? A fan of pets? Do you kiss your pets more than you kiss people? Have you ever given a cat CPR? Do you sometimes wish you could have pot-bellied pig babies? You disgust me.

Post pictures of your fish tank! - We have some posters who really love their fishtanks, and this thread is a chance for them to share their pretty little setups with everyone. (the nerdy Lord of the Rings bookend one is my favorite!)

Jack has feline lukemia, and our other 3 kitties probably do too. - A sad story, but a good lesson. Keep an eye out for any strange behavior in your pets and get them to the vet. It could be very serious. Luckily, it sounds like the other 3 cats might be alright after all.

Is this method of training dogs good, bad or totaly psychotic? - I know I'd be pretty pissed if someone tied me to someone else so I'd learn that it's okay to jump into the ocean, but, I also know that dogs aren't people! Read the post and decide for yourself.

Questions about Tea cup Chihuahua's... - If you're gonna post the term "tea cup" in Pet Island, you'd better be talking about Earl Grey.

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