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Find me somebody more badass than this guy. I LIKE TO SMOKE WEE is new around here but already he's creeping us the fuck out. He admires serial killers and contract murderers and most likely LOVES guns and knives. Keep your eye on this one fellas.

Tell me about the best years of your life. For everyone who has now left college (or university if that's what floats your boat) then read this thread and realise how you've just had the best years of your life and then feel dead inside when you realise you spent it levelling a priest in WoW and watching Battlestar Galactica.

Tell me about how to control my dreams (lucid dreaming). Imagine there was some way you could create imaginary scenarios in your head that you were in full control over and could do whatever you liked in them? IMAGINE THAT! Why would we still bother living in the real world?

Ask me about living in rural Alaska. They have those police officers in red on horses there don't they? With the hats and the dead wolf as a companion? I'm thinking of the right place though, yeah?

Why do sodium lights turn off when I walk under them?. Whyyy am I cursed with this wretched power to turn out certain very specific specific types of lights with my mere presence??!!?! WHY DOST THOU FORSAKE ME?!?!

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Return of the .GIF - Remember that one time when Kevin Everett tried to bust a wedge during a kick return and got paralyzed? Ask in here and within no time, you'll have that happy memory saved to your desktop for all time!

NCAA Week 3 Heisman Voting - First, goons think they know more than the media and coaches about what teams should be ranked where. Now they think they can pick out which player is best in college football better than the media and former award winners? I am afraid I cannot stand by any longer and let your claims of genius go unchecked any longer, Sports Argument Stadium!

2009 NCAA/NFL Gambling Season. Supercrooky, where art thou? - [Message redacted; user does not actually condone the heinous activity of gambling on sports. Go give some money to charity, heathen.]

Mike Shanahan - Man, Myth, Legend. - For every disappointing season and terrible playoff loss, there are an equal amount of wonderful Shanahan moments to be remembered. This last week's game is no exception, as he ripped the hearts out of Chargers fans everywhere by electing to win the game in regulation instead of forcing overtime. Take that, a whale's vagina.

Mixed Martial Arts- General Q and A thread- New to MMA? Read this first. - What, you mean there's more to MMA than beating someone in the face until they fall down and then beating them in the face some more?

NHL News/Views Sept: By the end of this thread, hockey will almost be here - Everyone's* favorite sport is set to return for another exciting season of great shots, fantastic saves and almost no coverage on ESPN!

*Canada and disgruntled northeastern sports fans

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