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My friend built the world's largest homegrown submarine. Seriously, his friend BUILT a submarine. Not a dinky little one-seater either, this thing could quite happily house Sean Connery and all of his commie seamen. A great day comrades, we sail into history!

Quick! Draw a comic! Right now! This is basically what Jim Davies says to himself every day.

Unlockable zombie modes in games. I want unlockable GAME modes in ZOMBIES. Wait... what?

Improve 1950s art and retro graphics from this site . Ah the optimism of the 1950's - where has it gone today? The least we can do is butcher the stuff from the 50's at make it as horrible as the modern age is.

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Reppin': Elbonio

Tell me about national pride outside of America . I not only salute my flag but I use it to light up the night sky in glorious flames of democracy. I call it the flaming flag of hope.

Tell me about amateur astronomy. AKA "Tell me which is the best telescope for spying on girls getting undressed". Just kidding, astronomy rocks you should all check out this thread.

Tell me how you stopped getting hangovers of biblical proportions. Go to an AA meeting, they're bound to know.

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