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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Games that have not aged well - 99% of PSX/N64 games are now unplayable due to the atrocious early 3d graphics.

Ever play a game that has so much stuff to do that it makes it suck? - Hmmm, probably Tetris???

Too old to play -

Spider and Web: Half the game is figuring out what's going on - This "Let's Play" thread features a text adventure game.

yo its time to discuss traditional games some more - I completed a game of Risk once.

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Reppin': Georgia Leech

The official 2008 SAS Secret Santa thread - This is now the official SAS Secret Santa thread. If you posted in the old thread, read the first post of this one for instructions. If you have yet to sign up, do it already, asshole!

Free Agent Mega Thread - It's time for free agency to start. Who's going to sign Manny and Sabathia? What players will fall through the cracks and end up as good deals for whoever signs them? Who's going to get suckered into signing K-Rod to a ridiculous contract? Happy holidays!

NCAA Week 12 Aftermath: Troy Ruins Football - This weekend was one big cockblock for college football fans. LSU is down 4 touchdowns to a Sun Belt team late in the third quarter? Not for long, they're not! USC is struggling again with Stanford? I don't think so! Oh well, at least we all have Texas Tech and Oklahoma to look forward to next week!

UFC/WEC Nov - Brock vs the Scorpion King: No matter who loses, Nog wins - Wrestling > MMA

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