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Reppin': Elbonio

I remember my own circumcision. Richard Branson had many failed circumcisions. Every time he tried it, he had to drop out and crash his balloon in the desert or the sea. Then Steve Fossett came along and circumcised round the globe in his hot air balloon. Wait, have I got this right?

Immortalize past relationships with limericks, 2008 version. I know I'm like a couple of weeks behind on this one but I'm a sucker for a good old family friendly limerick.

I dated a girl named Naydia
Who repeated everything you'd say to 'er
I told her to stop
she said "you want me to stop?"
So I punched her right in the labia.

MS Paint your parenthood fears. The unrelenting phobia that I might wake up one day and be one. Always use protection folks. ALWAYS.

The Horrors of Homeschooling. P.E. with your mum in the back garden.

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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

The "What should I know before I play this game for the first time?" Q&A! - Megaman 9: featuring level design by the makers of Dragon's Lair.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle announced - How in the world did this game get a sequel?

Mother 3 fan translation nearing completion - There is nothing particularly interesting or funny about this thread, but Mother 3 owns and you should play it.

You'd think all that pot I grew would prepare me for this (Harvest Moon LP) - Harvest Moon is the kind of game that benefits from a "Let's Play" thread in that you get to see the two or three minor side-notes of interest without having to actually go through the eighty hours of playtime.

Post a picture response to the recent terrible Starcraft 2 news itt -

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