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"obama rap (a milli)"

DFH: Obviously bad political rap isn't limited to the right wing.

SH: oh yeah that's true, i forgot about all the obama raps


SH: does this guy know that rap is supposed to rhyme

DFH: I think he is literally mimicking Wayne's flow for every line

SH: when he says obama is "ILL" you can hear the finger quotes

SH: you know there were some pretty awful obama raps that got made by actual rappers on actual record labels, now that i think about it

DFH: Didn't do one?

SH: yes, and so did everybody

"The Messiah: the NObama song"

DFH: Ten seconds in, with the different Obama posters: the lower right corner, that one just says "BAD CHANGE"




SH: wait did he just say he 'disagrees we were created equal'

SH: 'i'm not a homophobic, i'm not a faggot neither'

DFH: That makes sense

SH: this guy sort of scares me man. i get the feeling he probably lives in a really dark apartment with a lot of small tv's that all play static

DFH: This is a great music video, though. It's just SCARY IMAGES and also kinda heavy on the Katie Couric

DFH: What the fuck is this dude's deal with Katie Couric? He thinks taxes go back to Katie Couric.

SH: taxes do go to katie couric dude

SH: you need to read the fine print

SH: so like this is a white dude starting off his anti-obama rap with a line about how he doesn't think people are actually created equal

DFH: Well definitely not the, y'know, faggots.


SH: the mystery lies within the heart of... um... what is this guy called?

DFH: MeltdownE

SH: HEY FAGGOTS LISTEN UP I GOT A RAP SONG FOR YA *slumps back in iroc-z as i slowly cruise the gold's gym parking lot blaring some MetldownE*

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