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"Mom Raps About Foreclosure"

SH: okay so i have to say this is making me a little uncomfortable because i could totally see my mom doing this

SH: and me sitting there having to be like "HAW HAW MOM GOOD ONE"

DFH: In fairness to ForeclosureMom she starts off basically rapping like Fergie.

SH: this is the future of courtney love, by the way

SH: situationally and aesthetically

DFH: Do you think she memorized this, or is her 7-year-old holding cue cards behind the camera?

SH: behind the camera there is a mortified child wondering if this is all the future holds

SH: i think this is actually her deposition

DFH: She keeps referring to it as Xzibit A

SH: the judge is like "oh word, sick multis, you win the law case"

DFH: Hear ye, hear ye, come now the case of ForeclosureMom v. World Class Bankin' Cru

SH: The court rules ForeclosureMom "Hot to Def" and we will now take a brief recess for spinning on cardboard

Smiley Chris, "America's Choice: Liberty or Death?!"

DFH: Oh dude this is definitely a rap youtube, there are those little fucking banners EVERYWHERE


DFH: Well listen I think what we can say we've learned today is that rappers are probably all going to vote for Ron Paul

SH: What I learned today is that white people really love to rap but only feel empowered to do so when it's rap about dumb white guy shit

SH: this can manifest itself as either "HEY LETS MAKE A FUNNY TRACK ABOUT WHOLE FOODS" or "HEY LETS MAKE A SERIOUS RAP ABOUT RON PAUL" but it all comes back to the same thing, awkward dancing and big sunglasses

DFH: See I still haven't figured out WHY so many people are convinced the best way to get their political message out is quietly mumbling it over keyboard drums.

SH: because of street cred, and authenticity, and also because then you get to dress all cool in the video

SH: like samuel l Jackson or ma fratelli

DFH: Oh, so it's a nice cultural vacation.

SH: yes, and in the case of ForeclosureMom, it seems therapeutic

SH: like if she wasn't rapping on youtube she would be screaming at you about atlantis on your way to work

DFH: They took her cats away, so now she raps.


DFH: Alright man this was a lot of fun but I am gonna go work on a hot club banger about this one alderman in my district, later on.

SH: okay see you later i am going to be writing my 128-bar freestyle about the powersaver thing they put on my meter

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall and Satellite High

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