draazu0l posted:

Ok guys, I have a problem. See, me and my girlfriend have been going out for the past 3 years, and shes really great. I'm 20, and she's 17. I like her a lot and get her tons of stuff and we hang out a lot (usually watching a movie or playing games or something). Recently I got her a Nintendo DS, and she really likes it and shows it off to her friends. Right now I'm inbetween jobs and I'm taking a rest before I start a longass job search. I won't be able to get my girlfriend as many nice things, but she understands. Anyways, me and my girlfriend have never had sex. We both understand that she's not ready yet, even though we've been going out for a while. We're both still virgins, but that's not the problem.

Fast forward to my dilemma..

I've seen my girlfriends vagina before (I was at her house and I peeked in her room to see if she was ready to go to the movies, but she was putting on her underwear), but what I saw was a large amount of hair on it. Like, even more than guys have down there. I already knew that she had some minor back hair, but that didn't bother me as much as this. It grosses me out, but [b/]she is asian and I think that's a part of her culture. I want to convince her to shave it, because I know that when we finally do it, it's not going to feel good with all that hair on her, and it's a lot more clean without all the hair trapping in the gunk. How do I go about convincing her to shave "down there"?
Narxysus posted:
People are saying that his devotion to WoW is a bad thing, but why isn't devotion to a partner just as bad a thing? Do they not take up just as much time? Do they not cost at least as much, if not more, money to maintain? When you fool around in WoW, you use up some time, maybe get some epics out of it. When you fool around with a girl, you get emotional dependency, sometimes financial dependency, and sometimes a baby. Children are a lasting consequence of relationships.

Why is it presumed this is better than a temporary addiction to WoW, which will end when the servers go down (which would be a lot sooner than 18 years - the time to a child being an adult)? A lot of you are right - he has blown a chance to get married to a girl for a lifetime. He has decided not to devote the rest of his life to one thing (i.e. one relationship with one girl) and instead has chosen to devote his life right now to one thing, and has left his future open to other possibilities, which will at that time appeal more than WoW does at the present.

Basically, why is a lifetime commitment to a real-life partner preferable on the grounds that it is a better choice in terms of not being shackled to something?
A R posted:
I went to the movies with my gf and got there around 2 hours early as it was opening night and we wanted to try to get good seats. While we waited I decided to try to win some racoon stuffed animal(from one of those pixar movies) from the crane machine. After wasting around 10 bucks on getting the damn thing halfway to the hole I gave up, telling my girl that its impossible. We decided to then get on line to get some popcorn and soda for the movie then no sooner did 5 minutes pass till some little fat fuck 10 year old kid runs up to me with 3 stuffed animals from the machine saying "werent you the one who was trying to win that doll? well I picked up 3 with one shot!" I felt like beating the little fat bastard up! my 2nd best option was spitting on his back(which I did). anyways, thats something that happened while I was at the movies!
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