mdm posted:

So I just went to take a shower after exercising (walking on a treadmill) and couldn't help but notice the dried blood around my urethra. It was pretty much one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.

I'm a 19 year old male (not one of those chicks with penes), 5'10" 145 lbs, circumcised. I probably do not have any VD because I don't have sex and have never had sex. I looked in my shorts I was exercising in (no underwear... I hope to god the problem was unfortunate chaffing on the zipper) and my underwear and there was dried blood there too.

My current medication:
Accutane (40mg 2x daily)
Amoxicillin (500mg 2x daily)
Fexofenadine (180mg 1x daily)
Ibuprofen (200mg 2x daily)
I tried to piss a little but I really didn't have to, so who knows if it burns. After the shower and cleaning up the dried blood it doesn't look like there's any bleeding, but who knows what will happen.
lazymoose posted:
Basically, this is my problem, and please hear me out: I need someone to convince me that black people aren't inherently violent for some reason I can't even understand.

A smelly black person? That's a little hard to believe.
Mr. G posted:
Well I can understand, but generally if someone is interested in you they should immediately say "yes". In my experience it's alot easier to just be direct and establish that it is a date right off the bat. If you mince words or use "hang out" "get together" or the dreaded "Let's get some coffee" it may just seem like the person is just offering to meet as friends. Which I can tell you if you don't establish its a date there's only three outcomes.

1. Other person realizes it's a date, just wants a free meal/movie/whatever and has no intentions of returning that interest. All you've done is waste time and money while making no progress.

2. Other person realizes it's a date, and it gets super-awkward. So they'll either not be themselves or act weird as to scare you off.

3. Other person realizes it's a date, and everything goes swimmingly. But thats extremely rare.
greatn posted:

Yeah, I have a weird trait where I start to subconsiously emulate my favorite fictional characters. In the past this was George Costanza, so I was neurotic and sarcastic all the time. A while ago it was Monk so I was developing mild OCD. Right now it's Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia so I'm swearing and getting angry over little things all the time. I try to reign it in but really have no control over it.

But really, that makes me so fucking angry. It's the same bullshit they(not Team17, a collective they) did with Metal Slug and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Ruined the games with stupid fucking motion controls. Motion controls are fine when they are called for, not when it would make a whole lot more fucking sense to use orthodox controls. You need three fucking buttons for metal Slug, which the wii controller provided in spaces, but could we press fucking B on the back to throw a grenade? No, fuck you.

The crux of Worms is pointing a mouse at your target, aiming with up/down keys, and holding fire to charge your shot's power. Can we do that? No, fuck you, we're on the Wii, we're gonna put in some motion controls for no reason because that's what players want. They don't want functional games. They want to shake the fucking controller. Fuck you. Jesus Christ it would be so easy to have a good control scheme for this. So god damn easy. And they're fucking it up.
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