Stuart Dunmire posted:

This is kind of an odd/raunchy (yet serious) question, but what is the maneuver called where the man pinches a loaf on the woman's face? And does this traditionally occur before or after intercourse?
Stuart Dunmire posted:
No, he's right--I was referring to taking a duke on the woman's face. What I've gathered from this discussion is that there is no real precedent for when this should occur, so long as the partner knows in advance that it will happen. This seems like a sound answer. From a purely sexual arousal standpoint, I'd assume the most appropriate time of doing this is before either partner climaxes (as a means of foreplay/escalating the sexual tension).

At any rate, it would be an inopportune time to have diaherra...
Stuart Dunmire posted:

Here's what you do: you bring with a couple empty 40's and you whizz in those. If you have the screw cap you can simply keep the bottles in the kayak until the rest stop, as I'm assuming you don't want to liter.

Stuart Dunmire posted:
So is it essentially the same as drinking water? Obviously if one is stranded in the desert, they can't just keep drinking urine to survive
Stuart Dunmire posted:
Apparently not.

I've done a few disgusting things in my day, I thankfully haven't had to stoop down to this. Anyone tried this before?
Stuart Dunmire posted:
Is that a giant turd?
Stuart Dunmire posted:
a great rack and a nice pooper.
Stuart Dunmire posted:
OK, just give me a half hour or so to drop a deuce and swing by Chipotle, then I'll join up with the revolution.
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