Pick a "Style":

As mentioned before, anybody can make an Internet comic. The only thing that separates your piss-poor, chicken-scratch, black and white vague mess of lines from "Penny Arcade" is your comic's "style". Nobody on the Internet is a poor artist, they simply have a "different style". Here are just a few examples of the myriad of different "styles" you might see on the Internet:



Retro futuristic

Free form

Don't worry too much about the "style" of your comic, as it will undoubtedly mature and progress the longer you write your comic. For example, let's take a look at the noticeable metamorphosis Illiad's "User Friendly" has gone through in the roughly 19 years it's been up:

"User Friendly" - Old

"User Friendly" - Recent

If somebody like Illiad, who owns over 238 User Friendly-related corporations, licensing firms, and marketing companies can get away with such a major change in his artwork, just think of what you can slide by with! It's a rumor that Illiad has secretly been changing the genders of his main characters every month, but thanks to his artistic "style", nobody can tell!

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