Heather: what about you what do you look like?

Auron86: Im 6'1" pretty big guy but im really strong

Heather: I like a strong man :P

Auron86: ap erfect match!!

Heather: You're not black are you?

Auron86: nope im white

Heather: whew okay good

Auron86: lol dont like black people?

Heather: Not very much but they aren't as bad as Jews

Auron86: lol im totally white dont wory babby

Heather: That's reassurin, I can't stand to think I might be giving my secrets to those heeb vipers.

Auron86: u gonna tell me a secret??

Heather: Hmmm, maybe, I don't know if I trust you yet :P

Auron86: bnaby you can trust me

Heather: maybe later

Auron86: whatever u want baby your wish is my commans

Heather: ;)

Auron86: so what kind of music u like?

Heather: oh a little bit of everything

Auron86: lol havy metal?

Heather: awww that reminds me of my lil sis :(

Auron86: whats wrong???

Heather: she's just a little baby and last week she was sleeping in her crib and one of our ferrets got in the crib with her and chewed off her nose.

Auron86: OMG

Heather: Yeah it was really horrible. I had to get it out from under the refrigerator with a broom, but it was all gnawed up and nasty.

Auron86: thats fucking crazy!!!

Heather: We have a lot of ferrets and daddy said he was gonna drown them all after that

Auron86: that is fucked up

Heather: put them in a bag and drown them and you know what I dont care

Auron86: so what did they do about her nose?

Heather: that's what reminded me. My mom tried to knit a nose with a little strap to go over her head, but it ended up my daddy made one out of tin and it sort of hooks in there to her skull-face

Auron86: im so sorry :(

Heather: I'm bringing the mood down, let's talk about something else.

Auron86: are u a virgin???

Heather: that's very forward!

Auron86: lol j/k

Heather: no it's okay, I am a virgin but I've done oral sex before

Auron86: mmm that sounds hot

Heather: I practiced a lot on a broom handle

Auron86: did u get splinters??

Heather: no silly it was plastic it was a swiffer and then I asked my minister about it and he let me try it on him

Auron86: OMFG! girl u are crazy

Heather: I've calmed down a lot I was only 9 when I did that

Auron86: ummmmm how old are u now?

Heather: I just turned 18 :D

Auron86: so ur legal

Heather: totally

Auron86: Im 22 but I just wanted to make sure I wasnt in one of those tv shows I am not into kids

Heather: Kids have turned me off ever since my accident

Auron86: ???

Heather: long story, no biggie

Auron86: tell me

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