Hardcore - damn, tight shit

Lowtax - werd, thx G money holmes makah

Hardcore - yea. yo playin'?

Lowtax - huh?

Hardcore - yo gon live b4 da release?

Lowtax - yeah, twice

Hardcore - coo coo

Lowtax - We gon play 4 Bustah Thug Style on da "Gangstahs Bustin' Caps Lock" tour on da west side dis year

Hardcore - coo... gettin' reced?

Lowtax - yeah, twice

Hardcore - coo

Lowtax - what u do fo cash?

Hardcore - work at Krogers

Lowtax - shit dawg, free food, YOU GOTS DA HOOKUP

Hardcore - shit, nah, sucks. Jus savin up ta move

Lowtax - ta dah west side?

Hardcore - nah

Lowtax - north side? straight G's there, Kid Cliffy B comes from there, straight up

Hardcore - who?

Lowtax - Kid Cliffy B, old skool shit. He made "Pir8s 4evah", a tribute to Jeff "Special" K. when he wuz killed in da driveby 6 years ago... old skool shit

Hardcore - damn, neva heard of dat.... dont keep up with old skool

Lowtax - Shit niggah, yo gotta stay true to da roots!

Hardcore - yea

Lowtax - Im working on writin' fo "Bustin Shit Up" now, what rhymes with "narcolepsy"?

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