With the amazingly powerful and advanced consoles and computers on the market, we often take for granted the simplistic roots of our favorite video games. In a strange and boggling way, many of us are witnessing new generations of dumb gamers waddling up to the greasy GameStop store counter completely oblivious to the rich pixilated heritage of the NES, SNES, Genesis, and even the systems that came before those. This week we showcase a big slab of images created by our delightful Something Awful Forum Goons cutting modern games down to size by showing what they'd look like on the systems of old. In some cases, I actually think the games look more fun this way.

schwenz started this exciting adventure by making HL2 into a side scroller. I'm aware "Codename: Gordon" already did such a thing, but this picture is slightly more playable.

Henaki uses Game Genie to wallhack.

The Dave has created the best looking Half-Life 2 rendition yet. No offense to that first guy!

ProjektorBoy knows a thing or two about strapping enhancements on.

K7Avenger is quite smashing here. He's still no Yuri Andropov, but he'll do.

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