stevie - yeah you did, look on your history!

Lowtax - Hmmm... I guess I did. Sorry, must've passed out for a second and hit my head on the keyboard! I got a few concussions, and I sometimes pass out for a few seconds. Sorry, pardner!

stevie - why do people throw bottles at your heads?

Lowtax - It's a Texas tradition! Don't yall know nothin' about Texas?

stevie - I'm from England, I don't know much about Texas.

Lowtax - Don't yall get ESPN 5? We're on after "Backyard Wrasslin' Bonanza"!

stevie - no, we don't get that channel. Do you get a lot of money for this?

Lowtax - Yeah, I paid for my wife with the money I earned from winning "The San Antonio Salad Toss" last year!

stevie - You bought your wife???

Lowtax - Yeah, but just one of 'em. The other two I gots on my own!

stevie - you have three wifes???

Lowtax - Yeah, nothing's wrong with that! Can't you have multiple wives wherever you live?

stevie - huh?

Lowtax - What?

stevie - no, what?

Lowtax - Huh?

stevie - your only supposed to have one wife!

Lowtax - Nah, not down here. Cindy, the blonde, gets on my nerves when I go out drinkin'. See, I get all jumpy when I'm liquored up, I start hoppin' and rotating all over the place like a crazy nut after a few shots, and Cindy got mad at me for that.

stevie - well, everybody drinks. That shouldnt be a big deal, I guess.

Lowtax - I know!!! That's what I told her! But one day after I picked her up from the hospital, she was still mad because I got drunk and dropped plaster on her head.

stevie - hmm!

Lowtax - It was an accident though! Me and Spermy Joe were repainting the attic!

stevie - oh, that sounds unreasonable of her then!

Lowtax - EXACTLY! So after I threw the plaster at her, I pushed her into the cornfield and me and Spermy Joe tried to run her down with the tractor!

stevie - what???

Lowtax - Huh?

stevie - no, what did you do?

Lowtax - What?

stevie - you tried to run her over with the tractor?

Lowtax - Oh, yeah, I do that sometimes. She asks me to, because she's getting a little fat and needs to exercise. Me, I work out by practicing for next month's "Big Texas Monsters of Rodeo" on ESPN 7. I gotta work up my resistance to mule poison or else I'm gonna get my ass kicked during the "Tuscaloosa Fornication" event!

stevie - what about your other wifes? Aren't they jelous?

Lowtax - Well, Beth gets jealous sometimes. She says I spend too much time at work and working out and shit, beating on shit and stuff, and she's worried that IOH{ASFPIH$)*Y@JKLuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

stevie - what?

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