In these times of uncertainty, we can never forget that war is hell. As such, only an elite few have what it takes to put their lives on the line in defense of their land and values. Wouldn't it be swell if war were not about killing each other and destroying things, but safety? And not just safety for us, but for all the fighting sides. I think it would, as there is no reason it has to be such a bloody ordeal. This week I challenged the Something Awful Forum Goons to take the hell out of war, making it safe for everybody. I think they came up with some great ideas.

Thank you, Ickyzor, for being Phriday's honorary water safety representative for the week.

jazzyjay also champions water safety, and for that he gets a badge.

Old Grendel makes things safe and doesn't remove the slightest bit of oomph from this picture.

Kanzune often dreams of riding the banana boat to Valhalla.

Kanzune added some tourists or some such. Who cares, he's a swell guy.

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