Zack: Oh, hang on, my dad says he wants to talk to you. Can you talk to him really quick?

DebbieH: Sure!

Zack: Okay, one second.

DebbieH: Okay!!

Zack: Hello

DebbieH: Hello Sir!!

Zack: My 15 year old son said you sent him to a girls on girls site. I had a question about that.

DebbieH: Sure!! What is your question??

Zack: Does your site have any harder content like penetration or facials? Or do you know of a site with that sort of thing?

DebbieH: Sometimes our girls use sexual assistance, like penetration, to get pleasure!!

DebbieH: Would you be interested in joining our site???

Zack: I mean like from a man. I have gotten tired of girls on girls and I can really only learn and grow from pictures of men with their penises in women.

DebbieH: Oh, I'm sorry! Our Site only has hot girls on girls!! I'm sure if you look around there are other sites with men too!!

Zack: Can you suggest one because I looked really hard in Hotbot and Ask Jeeves and I didn't see anything.

DebbieH: I don't really know of any, maybe you should try to search because they have wider searches!!!!!!

Zack: Well I am a very busy man. How about this? You find me a good one using that thing you just said and I will sign my wife up for your girls on girls site. She doesn't even have to know (wink WINK)

DebbieH: Hehehe, that sounds good!! I'll try to find you a site!!!!

Zack: Preferably one with big black penises.

Zack: And white women.

DebbieH: Sure, I can try!

Zack: THX!!! Man thank you you are a lifesaver.

DebbieH: Try this web site: , the name is kind of enticing, dont you think!!!!!!

Zack: That site is really confusing I mean like find a site like yours I can sign up for but it is a man on girl and the man is black (with a big penis) and the girl is a white.

Zack: hello?

Zack: I have my credit card out to sign my wife up for your site but a deal is a deal I always say.

DebbieH: Is your Son there??? Hello!!! Is everything O.K?

Zack: You have not given me a site to sign up to then I will give my son back the Internet.


DebbieH: Hello!!! How are you?!

*** Auto-response from Zack: I am enjoying hot Girl on Girl action. Try back later!

DebbieH: hehe! Awesome!!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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