DebbieH: Oh, I'm not sure if that is legal!!! But it's ok, I wont tell anyone ;)!

Zack: Awesome! You are awesome. Hot girls on girls are awesome! Louis is only 9 maybe I shouldn't show him.

DebbieH: Oh, maybe not. Especially if he does not like Girls on Girls. Maybe you have other friends to show?

Zack: I could show my little brother. He loves girls on girls.

DebbieH: How old is he???

Zack: 4

DebbieH: Oh... I suppose if your parents say it is O.K then it would be alright to show him?

Zack: I'm not telling them are you kidding?!! They HATE girls on girls. They just don't understand the appeal. Connor does, he loves them.

DebbieH: Is Connor your little brother???

Zack: Yes???

DebbieH: Lol!! Well, if he wants to look at them then it would be O.K to show him, don't you think?? ;)

Zack: Hey I think that sounds great. The more pornography I can expose him to the healthier he will be when he grows up. And nothing gives a man good preconceptions about sex like HOT HOT HOT!!! Girls on Girls!!!

Zack: Okay I just signed him up for an account too.

DebbieH: Wow, that's great!!

Zack: Is there anyone else you think I should sign up for an account? Connor has a couple friends who might like girls on girls.

DebbieH: I want to let you know that our site runs on a consensual-consensual basis, which means the GIRLS are consensual to being, well, on girls, and the customers are consensual to seeing them.

DebbieH: If you know of anyone who might like it please refer them to our site!

Zack: Oh okay, well you said the girls liked it and liked being paid lots of money so I think that sounds on the level to me.

DebbieH: Yeah!

Zack: Hey, Connor's teacher is online. I will ask her if she wants an account hang on.

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