Nah SIKE you fucking faggots.

You believe this shit. Any punk I ever crossed sticks with knows the Johnston truth. I CANNOT SELF TERMINATE. From the Terminator 2.

How the fuck do you think I posted this shit on a web page shit if I suicided? Trust me motherfuckers: johnstons don't die, we multiply. Babies kids.

I'll do a new column again whenever I fucking want to bitches!!


– Levi "HOckey" Johnston

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Levi "HOckey" Johnston is a pro writer now and hockey expert since forever. He comments regularly on family life, politics, Alaska, hockey, vag, babies, babes, 4x4s, hunting, and stuff like that. Oh, yeah, and he was engaged to Bristol Palin and had one (two) kids with her, so...I can put anything here? He also fights like a devil and pounds poon like a demon. He's pretty much unbelievable. His life is a raw adventure to the root.

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