Oh look another crappy MMO from somewhere in Asia (probably) that rips off another MMO that also sucks. Who would have thought I would be reviewing some cell shaded turd that I never wanted to play in the first place? If you did, congratulations! You have noticed a pattern in the MMO Roulette!

Farest distance? Check. Cartoon randering? Double Check. Relection on? Absolutely! Shitty English? What else did you expect?I am usually pretty honest with you guys and this article will not change that. I managed to get into the Wrath of the Lich King beta test due to a very awesome and generous person (Captain Corduroy). Wrath of the Lich King is the most amazing expansion to an MMO I have ever played. In fact, it could probably stand alone as an MMO and still be amazing. With that said, I now have to review some free lump of crap instead of making bodies explode with my Death Knight. Imagine you are eating the most delicious and addictive ice cream (and are not a lactose intolerant pussy). Suddenly, you have to put down that ice cream in order to eat a steaming pile of dog shit. If you have a great imagination, (all those nights of Dungeons and Dragons paid off) you now know how I feel.

At some point, the servers went down for a couple of hours and I was able to "concentrate" on Dream of Mirror Online (or DOMO as it is referred to by the nerdy man-children that play this game). After not being very surprised by the extreme lack of character customization, I was ready to play... or so I thought. Before I could actually play, I had to fill out a survey about the game that I haven't played yet.

Its a good thing you didn't choose to be an old fat piece of creepy shit. Trust me.

Soon enough though, I would arrive in "Human beginner's village" which has to be the most creative town name I have ever encountered. I hear they are renaming Los Angeles to "Mexican Land" and New York, "Huge City With a Bunch of Buildings Town" in order to compete with the creativity that is Dream of Mirror Online. By now you can tell that I didn't get very far in the game because I am making fun of irrelevant bullshit.

Since I obviously stopped right after talking to the old guy in the screen shot above, it is a good thing that the Goon Ckrew actually tried to play this game and posted a bunch of screen shots.

bazke posted this screen shot. I find it pretty ironic that Dream of Mirror Online has such an anti-gay policy.

centax found this lovely... thing.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

centax was also annoyed by the bitchiest king on this side of Human Beginner Start Town Village City.

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