Since this was such a lackluster article and I had a few of these saved up, I suppose I will include some comments from youtube! Hooray!

wow ur a dikhead all u do is play shitty
mmos all day n complain about em on
u tube gt a social life dude

Well all YOU do is post shitty comments on youtube videos all day. NOW who is more productive? Huh!?

i you dun like tso, play something else
and shut up.


God damn those ears screwed up the thumbnail.retribution2525 :
lol only reason why u dont liek gunz is
cuz u suck at it

I suck at writing articles but hey I love doing that.

wow bit lame really, that was an oz accent.
Gunz isnt bad and its free so dont complain noobzilla.
They are much more animeesque bullshit mahmorepahgers out there neway.

Ah the old, "man u a n00bzilla cuz itz a free game doughnut complain!" argument. You know what else is free? Cancer. I hope you get cancer.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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