This is Barry.

Barry has several friends, such as Maxine and Fern and Mildred "Click" Dooley:

But while I'm sure they're all big real estate movers and shakers in their own right, they can't compare to Newfoundland legend Barry Clarke, which is why they're merely secondary characters in the "Clarke Agents" section.

Internet advertising -- No longer a thing of the future -- many buyers are on line and so should your home.

That's a tip from Barry. Another is "music is mellow, but for not for showing a house." You can learn a lot from Barry.

Barry Clarke sells land.

He also lists houses for astonishingly low prices, like this two-bedroom beauty for $19,500. "Great location close to excellent berry picking grounds," he reveals helpfully. Make that Barry-picking grounds, and you've got yourself a deal!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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