Thankfully, Pirates of the Caribbean Online had enough material to let me throw together a video this bi-week. By the way, I am still pissed at Rumble Fighter for being such a steaming pile of shit. Anyhow, sit back, take off your wooden legs and eye patch and try to make it through this video!

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I added the dog sounds because I clearly wasn't thinking at all. Between Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, pounds of tits, Skeletor, and "innovative" combat, this pirate is spent.


*- Awarded the MMO Roulette Online Only Game Dealing With Pirates and Johnny Depp of all Time award for having pirates, **Johnny Depp, and Online gameplay.
** - The game didn't actually have Johnny Depp but rather a ***likeness of him, however it's close enough.
*** - The likeness being a ****gay pirate.
**** - May not actually be gay.

Thanks to the following scallywags for strapping on their peg-legs and eye patches: Kal, Dr. VooDoo, Phoix, maxdamag, Kamoc, Capcapone, Chiquita Manana,antiloquax,  HulkaMatt, raptorred, Gustavus, Darth Ronson, Nita, Bored, A Headcrab, and zifflol.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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