What they say:
"It's unnecessary to worry about how to clean it more cleanlily. When you are angry, it can help to express your rage; You can nip and hit it. Of course it's up to you to cherish or vent on it."

Based on the product's description, this generically cutesy doll ends up in bargain bins in the United States and Korea, but ends up filthy and clenched in the jaws of rage-filled workers in China. I can't say that I blame them for their nipping and hitting, if I were assembling dollar store garbage like this for foreigners I might experience a little pent up hostility.

When you do your Christmas shopping, keep in mind that Corea Doll will make a great gift for that kid down the street that gets picked on by Maple Story characters.

What they say:
"This ball is a funny toy. You can squeeze it and show the inside ugly worms at your friend!"

Hold Horror Squeezable Ball in your hand and apply pressure. Its translucent flesh distends, warped by the crushing force of the world around it. Within, writhing and twisting, are the ugly worms of avarice and cruelty.
What is the purpose of this unusual toy? Why, only to plumb the depths of the heart of darkness.

Horror Squeezable Ball is us. Think about it.

Think about it.

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