I Have Returned From E3!

LA, how I miss you. Alas, yet another E3 has come and gone, and an article about the experience should be coming this weekend. Unfortunately while on this trip, I had a dangerously high whiskey to blood ratio, so I can scarcely remember most of what happened. Because of this, ninety percent of the upcoming article will be made up or be about the new Scooby Doo movie, so don't put too much faith in getting any "Exclusive coverage" of any "games." Also, I would like to take this time to apologize to the following people / organizations I encountered while drunk at E3...

Bill Gates
Peter Main
Prima Games
The state of California

Helen Gunther advises you to read her advice!

Our newest columnist, Helen Gunther, has updated her site with her witty and intelligent answers to your inane and stupid questions! This week's column includes advice to fools in love, Jews in love, inconsiderate neighbors, and more. The advice she's doled out has made me the cherubish lad I am today, and she's now availble to help the public at the low, low price of your undying love. Her vast knowlege of all things related to various cheeses and pharmaceuticals is here for your benefit, so don't forget to mail her some more questions. Interrogate her like you're a crazy Catholic spaniard during the Spanish Inquisition - She loves that!

– Scott "Kung Fucious" Delbango (@sexyfacts4u)

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