Trouble in Paradise

It appears nobody works for Something Awful anymore except me, so here's a picture of Carl Weathers.

I wrote a poem about the cast of "Cheers" as well!

The cast of Cheers written in dark alleyways
Like screams on somber stationary
A letter never delivered
Kelsey Grammer leering with gargoyle eyes
Tormented, dark, alone
His mind is a gutter and the rain never stops
Shelly Long is dead inside
Woody Harrelson is a mannequin
Forged of glass shards reflecting a terrible childhood
And Ted Danson is past his prime
They are all rotting meat now
And soon they will be eaten

Thanks and please remember to vote kindly this election.

P.S.: Thanks actionattackgoose, Sensurround, and Ava for pictures.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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