Moorling, what is that thing before you? Answer me.
A computer?

Oh! It just made a sound! What was that!?
You pressed too many keys at once! Now get off, I'm trying to check my email.
Yes! What are you? Retarded?
I am from the finest salons of Paris, yet I have never seen such a wondrous machine as this.

What do you do with this e-mail?

It's like a letter you write to someone, only they get it right away on their computer.
And others have these incredible devices they use to...send letters?
Don't stand all up over my shoulder while I'm trying to type. That shit is annoying as hell.
You are obviously from the time of heathen wizards if the Moors possess such artifice as this. I command you to send me back to my day and age.
You what? Fool, I was just sitting here in the computer lab. You're the one who ran all up in here like, "what the fuck is an email?" like you're a baby.

Find your own damn way back to the future.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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