OK, so I was in my parents house, as if I still lived there, but as an adult and we were packing to move. I kept going from room to room packing boxes, but could never complete the task as the rooms were never ending.


my dream was of me going to work dressed as on of the gurls that i cant/stand along with....sometimes shes just a little bitch....so i dreamt that it was halloween and i dressed like her....blong wig, boucning boobs. the jump she makes when she walks...and ill i remmber was everyone giving me high fives and i woke up laughing.

Sebastian here

what if your dreams bring you pain and sadness?


Thanks to graey alien, Hiroshima Tan Lines, solobuttons, and Pretzelcoatl for being the best buds a bro could ever have.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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