Yo, Criss,

got your letter and I finally had enough free time to sit down and read it. I totally agree that the Luxor suite was a bad idea. How about instead of that we have the meeting in a wet refrigerator box with a homeless guy wearing newspapers as pants? Maybe sit around and talk about the infection he has on his balls.

Anyway, your outfit sounds really super, I just wish I could come up with something that sweet. Unfortunately, I am 110% hetero, so there go all my good ideas.

Really like your idea for the magic stunt. I am a big fan of David Copperfield. Making the Statue of Liberty disappear. Maybe you could do something like that. I don't know, too expensive? Could be. If you needed some extra mirrors I have tons of money, I'm sure I could loan you some for some mirrors and maybe a box with a fake back or whatever.

Man, that Copperfield was always surrounded by super HBs. You don't see magicians pulling in that sort of trim these days, do you?

Let me know when you finalize the details.

Peace out, bro!


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