Disciple Hank Williams Jr. was given the football by CLEATUS, signifying the passing on of pre-game celebration from one robot to a hairy country singer. Later, the robot was sentenced for burning down a Fox station in Montgomery, Alabama although all evidence pointed to Hank.

I. Eye-witness Accounts

The Disciple Hank Williams Jr.

Eye-witness accounts of the passion of CLEATUS vary greatly, but many similarities exist in all stories.

At the last Wing Night at BW3s, CLEATUS stated that Hank would deny association with the robot. When asked by FOX, the Disciple Hank denied that he knew of the robot that stretches in-between plays. The Disciple Hank denied he knew CLEATUS, the King of Booya. And he denied that he knew that he was no longer working for the NFL.

"...and then BLAM! The Romans got 'em" -John Madden

"My dad. Gone?" -Emilio

"He was pushed to the cross by the troops during pre-game, but he was not hung in time, so he was able to stretch and jump around during a timeout. He was Crucified during the halftime show. The fireworks were cool." - Boy

"Go Browns!" - The Dawg Pound

II. Eye-witness Illustration

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