Cloud Outside My Bedroom Window Sort of Looks Like Kirby

By Peter Lunk

While going through the normal morning motions of cleaning the energy drink empties from the foot of my bed, I couldn't help but notice gaming's jolliest protagonist waving to me through my bedroom window.

Still don't see him? Look closer.

Right back at you, big guy. Right back at you.

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To: Crespo
From: Cranbash

Yesterday was Kiyoko's 17th birthday, so we went out for a very special dinner with our three year-old son, Little Cranbash. Doesn't she look so silly in her new hat?

I shouldn't have to remind you that Kiyoko's favorite food is okonomiyaki; you may remember this special dish from the Japanese anime Ranma 1/2 where it was localized as "Japanese pizza." However, I must inform you that OKONOMIYAKI IS NOTHING LIKE PIZZA AND I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN DISCUSSIONS WHICH STATE OTHERWISE.

Sigh, a Japanese meal with a Japanese wife and a son who is -- regrettably -- half-Japanese; could life get any better? Afterwards we went to the stuffed animal boutique Kawaii Neko, where I let Kiyoko and Little Cranbash each pick out their own stuffed animals. Though, strangely, this did not stop the nightly crying. Chalk that up to cultural differences, I guess.

Before I tucked him in, Little Cranbash looked into my eyes and said, "I love you, daddy." Of course, I reprimanded him severely for using the Devil's Tongue in my household. He'll learn one of these days.

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