It was eventually the lavish lifestyle that lead to the demise of the gang. As long as they kept making money, everything was fine, but they could not stop themselves from reaching for more. Mikey successfully obtained three endangered Black Rhinos but drowned them at the end of the day when he couldn't find a place to store them over night. Phil's thirst for blood overflowed into the real world when he decided to beat up the "wussy babies" at the maternity ward, resulting in the highest flux of infant mortality rate in the last three hundred years. Bert, on the other hand, was looking for love. As he searched for a girl to play house with, he eventually found the perfect match in Lucy. But, little did he know, Lucy was actually an undercover police officer.

After three months of work, Keith Prince was able to bring down the Playground Posse and return peace to recess. However, while being led to the principle's office, Bert disappeared. It is believed that Keith, truly in love with the young leader, released the boy. Bert's whereabouts are still unknown.

– Ian "Salmon Season" Golding (@iggolding)

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