Are you a slave to megalomaniacal visions of altering the course of human history or realizing the impossible regardless of practicality? HUBRISOL® can help. Scientifically proven to offer safe, effective treatment of hubris, HUBRISOL® is here to restore balance in your life.

Ask your doctor for a free trial to see the difference HUBRISOL® can make for you.


Relief for persistent egomaniacal longing characterized by intense desires to achieve seemingly impossible goals, build maddeningly unwieldy structures and contraptions, clench unimaginable power, or cheat the laws of nature.


HUBRISOL® should only be taken under strict doctor supervision or if you think you really need it. Do not take HUBRISOL® unless you are prepared for extreme lifestyle change.

HUBRISOL® is not for cowards. Certain side effects may occur, including flash fingernail growth, inverted hearing, slick jowls, runny mouth, night tinkles, intermittent gulping, frownies, involuntary hooting, double diarrhea, sleep wheezing, greasy palms, diminished magnificence, oral burpies, and RAGE!

Ask your doctor or healthcare professional if HUBRISOL® is right for you.

HUBRISOL®, HUBRISOL® JR.", HUBRISOL® for PETS" are property of Hercules-Transmagnet-Bovine Corporation. ©2010.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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