Wigs are our business...and business is UNSUSTAINABLE! PC faggots aren't buying our wigs in this fucking economy, so guess what. LATER FUCKERS. That's right, this world ain't good enough to deserve Dave Mustaine's fucking Wigs & Attitude. We are closing up our 10,000 square foot wiggery in Sioux Falls and our lease on our East St. Louis wig facility is being foreclosed by the fucking bank because of some bullshit that you wouldn't even believe.

No bailouts from the federales, but what would you expect? The whole system is corrupt and favors the military industrial mega corporations over the small wig business owner employing real KICKASS Americans. W&A is illegal free since 2003! The good news for all you wig not-buying fucks is that, guess what?


Wigs sell, but who's buyin'? Is it YOU???

Act now, before this countdown to wigstinction reaches zero!

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