appearance: 8 - lean and boyish
attitude: enthusiastic
date visited: Jul 2009
performance: 3 - weak and unremarkable
atmosphere: 8 - great atmosphere

A delightful romp and a great heroscort. Arrived promptly with one call to the Daily Bugle. I was working on a magnetic pulse generator in my laboratory when he showed up. He allowed me to give a very lengthy speech about my plans to destroy all electronics around the world and even called me "a madman" when I threatened to usher in a new dark age. After some light battle with my full VE things got really hot and heavy.

Great H2H, requested and received full villain experience. Disabled my VE and even webbed my neutrino beam which I wasn't using. Gave me a half and half and CBJ2C. Then we fought some more and I received a VEWW2C. Really seemed to enjoy it and even offered to accidentally knock over a barrel of toxic waste and turn one of my lab assistants into a villain. I declined, but the thought was very nice. I would definitely book with him again.

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