appearance: 3 - beastly
attitude: preoccupied
date visited: Jul 2009
performance: 2 - barely familiar with heroic material
atmosphere: 1 - filthy basement apartment

Spoke to someone named "Chuck" about a meeting. Requested a ride in the invisible jet, was promised ride, instead WW arrived in a 1981 El Camino full of scrap wood. Burger King wrappers all over the place and the smell of a dead mouse in the dash. Very apologetic about having to run the heater in summer to keep the engine from catching fire. Looked absolutely nothing like pictures on website.

Decent H2H fight, good wrestle, sitting, bbw (or at least the big part), and a very nice woman. Unfortunately, she is not the advertised WW. As mentioned, invisible jet is very visible El Camino, but nothing else was the real deal either. I lied repeatedly while lassoed and seriously damaged one of her bracelets while rough-housing. Farty smell, lots of hair, cats everywhere in apartment. Accidentally referred to herself as "Waffle Woman" during the height of H2H.Fell asleep after fight and did not even offer to CtC even though I requested villain prison scenario with manager. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!

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