appearance: 7 - fit and neat
attitude: reluctant
date visited: Jun 2009
performance: 5 - okay
atmosphere: 5 - average

Set up a meeting with a phone call to J. Jonah Jameson. Freelance photographer showed up, turned out to be (surprise!) my date. Threw a woman off a building and he caught her in a web. Then things really got going.

Refused BBBJ and didn't seem interested in any sort of sex. Wanted to chase me around on my jetboard and race me parkour-style through a construction site. Was knocked off my jetboard by a girder about 500 feet up and he webbed me to the side of a building. Exciting, but not too original.Webs were silky, thicker than I expected, and still very warm. Smelled slightly of urine. Offered to CtC, but I threatened to release a nerve gas in a school. Mild roughing up followed by some body touching. Revealed there was no nerve gas bomb and was allowed to fall to my death - only to be caught after a 30 foot drop by a crane's bucket.

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