Hey, did you hear the latest Star Wars development? It seems that Felicity auteur J.J. Abrams, who recently brought commercial relevance and critical acclaim to the long-dormant and much-maligned Star Trek franchise, signed on to salvage the similarly languishing Star Wars property! The SA Goons were so frenzied by the news that they could only stammer histrionic opinions and alternate-director suggestions, in word form, even though they were posting in a Photoshop thread! But while they couldn't muster enough images to stock a stand-alone Phriday, they did manage to kick-start our latest variety pack with some lens-flare ha-has!

Rizzo Crackers


Hurley as Porkins.

Rizzo Crackers


Electric Crayon


Did anyone make a joke about how he uses a lot of lens flare yet?

Egbert Souse

I still want a David Lynch Star Wars movie.

Lord Krangdar

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