I'm tempted to get a stack of these to keep in the car:


I could see you walking away from the car smiling to yourself as the person comes out of the building with their handicapped friend whom they were picking up.


Still illegal. Vehicles must be either equipped with a plate or placard to park in the spaces.

Wartime Consigliere

Hey Mr. Handicap Parking Vigilante: What do you do when the person has the placard but just forgot to hang it?


Nothing. He has never, ever done that, it's just him living vicariously through message board postings.


Two Plus Four

I keep thinking its supposed to be AN internet tough guy but not sure. Not sure why this is bugging me. They both sound sorta correct but AN seems to be smoother on the tongue.


Next week figures to be another Skyrim casualty in terms of brand-new content, but Variety Pack #21 will feature previously unseen themes! Thanks to the SA Goons for having the foresight to make extra images, just in case!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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