Everyone, with the possible exception of Satanists and teamsters, loves to play board games. This week we take that love of board games and combine it with a love of the real world, that strange activity people do when they aren't playing board games 24/7. You might say, "Josh, didn't you already do this on December 26th of 2002?" First of all, you are not my friend, so do not call me by my real name. Second, yes we did. We're doing it again. Why? Because the Something Awful Forum Goons made a whole bunch of pictures, that's why.

blurry! rolls dice like Sisyphus.

Topkid bought the farm with this one.

Retail made this image for Live Earth and hopefully it will inspire all y'all to go out and do your part.

V1L3 made this before he disappeared into the anomaly...

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