"Howard Beale" did this. She sure seems pleased about it!

"justin_on_fire" with an important message:

"Kastchei" with a book that's more for the parents than the kids:

"Kastchei" again. I'd rather not comment on this one.

"Nix-7c0," the answer is that they're fucking:

"TheZenPsycho" with everyone's worst nightmare:

Finally, "Shady Milkman" wraps things up on a "down" note. HO HO!

The End! That's it! Thanks to the forum goons and no thanks to you leeching scumbags! Also, teach your kid how to read because otherwise they won't be able to enjoy erotic Star Trek fan fiction. K-DOG OVAH AND OUT WORD TO U MOTHERS!!!

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen (@Livestock)

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