Sure there was "Freddy vs. Jason," and sure there is the upcoming Paul Anderson magnum opus "Aliens vs. Predator," but are those two shitty movies really enough to wet our appetite for seeing movie icons tussle? I think not. In one of our periodic returns to the theme of movies and movie posters, we're seeing what it would be like if other well-known film icons were given their own "versus" movies. Like always, the beloved slave laborers of our fair forums whipped up a truly inspiring batch of images showing just how many untapped movie crossover opportunities there are. Let's take a look!

natashafatale knows the meaning of jeopardy. Whoever wins, we get Rice-A-Roni and the Jeopardy home game.

Gumbercules knows a good fight when he sees one.

Vogon Poet is very realistic with this here movie idea.

Hellmonkey2k is not very good at promoting movies. SPOILERS, ASSHOLE!

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